Pilot project with PCR-Pool tests

Gargle against Corona

How do you find out who has Corona? By testing. So how do you accomplish a lot against this pandemic that’s getting on all our nerves so much? By testing as much as possible.

As part of the WICOVIR study, companies are therefore testing volunteers by pool screening. No, unfortunately, this does not mean that the swimming pools will finally open again. But it’s still a nice thing to do.

It works like this: Each test person gargles twice a week in the morning after getting up with a small amount of tap water, which they then spit into a screw tube provided. The tube is dispensed and subsequently tested for SARS-CoV-2.

The whole thing has three major advantages:

  • Gargling is more pleasant than having your throat tickled with a giant cotton swab.
  • Gargling is also possible alone, so the sample is taken without risk of infection
  • The sample is pooled in a pool with 5 to 30 samples and tested in total
Rinse the tube with clear water and then fill with 5-6 ml of tap water.
Gargle with the 5-6 ml of water for 30-60 seconds in the morning after getting up.
Spit out every 5-6 ml of gargle solution into a screw tube.
Fill one of the screw tubes with 1.5-2 ml of the gargle solution by inverting it, the rest of the solution remains in the other screw tube.
Final fill level of both screw tubes.
For transport to the company, place both screw tubes in the zip bag.
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If the mixture is negative, all pool persons were negative. If the mixture is positive, the pool is dissolved, i.e. reserve samples from all persons are examined individually. In this way, significantly more individuals can be tested for Corona.

In cooperation with Synlab Weiden, negative test results should be available on the same day if possible. The project is currently being tested in several companies in Erlangen.

And we? Are of course involved: All tenants and coworkers receive personal test sets and all further information at the reception. Of course, participation is voluntary and free of charge! Since the tests are currently not paid for by health insurance or the Free State of Bavaria, the Brucklyn covers all costs.

By the way, participation in the PCR pool tests does not mean that our additional efforts against Corona will diminish. Here you can find all information about our current hygiene concept.