The Bergkirchweih is silent. The longing remains

Also this year the music on the Berch remains silent. 🎡 The lights stay off and the get-together/celebration is canceled.

However, this does not mean that our passion for the Bergkirchweih is extinguished.❤️
That’s why we’re bringing a little piece of Bergkirchweih to the Brucklyn to delight the gingerbread hearts of our Brucklyn Hall coworkers and tenants from The-Brucklyn apartment building with popular Steinbach Bräu Bergkirchweih beer and delicious Meyer mountain pretzels.🥨🍺

So grab your mask and pick up your craving package from our team.

Coworking: 1pm – 5pm at the reception desk.
Apartments: 1pm – 6pm at the administration desk.
All while supplies last.

And if the longing is not yet satisfied, the cellars are open for you at the Burgberg. The landlords will ensure compliance with the current Corona regulations and your culinary well-being. 👨🍳

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