CO² SENSORS for optimal climate

Our solution – For your well-being

Did you know that a CO² concentration of 0.08 % already impairs well-being, concentration and performance? The recommended maximum value of 0.1 % is very often exceeded with today’s building standards and the high tightness of building envelopes.

In cooperation with Jost Electric Services GmbH we have found a solution for an optimal climate in our premises. With the CO² sensors from GIRA we reliably measure and control temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration. Whether in our library or the gym – we ensure even better air conditions in all common areas.

How our measuring instruments work

Too much carbon dioxide is often perceived by many people indoors and in buildings only as “stale air”, because it can only be measured and detected by measuring devices or other aids. Although it has immense effects on human health and well-being, people do not consciously perceive too high a concentration in the air they breathe. Signs can be a drop in performance, concentration problems, headaches and other symptoms. With our new CO² sensors, we counteract this.

If the CO² concentration is in the normal range, the symbol lights up green. If the value approaches the maximum, it changes to red. A signal tone sounds, recommending that the room be ventilated. If ventilation has been carried out and the appropriate room air has been restored, the symbol changes back to green.

CO²-Room sensors from GIRA

The carbon dioxide sensors not only measure the current CO² value using the latest IR measurement technology, but are also equipped with an air humidity and room temperature controller. Thus, these ensure in all areas that when certain limit values are exceeded, for example, windows must be opened, fans switched on or heating and air conditioning systems regulated.

How is CO² measured?

Carbon dioxide and other gases composed of two or more different atoms absorb infrared (IR) radiation in characteristic and unique ways. These gases are detectable with IR instruments. Water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are gases that can be measured with an IR sensor.

We provide security

In addition to regular airing of all premises and the use of CO² room sensors, we also ensure even better air conditions in all common areas with VPLUS air filters.

The Highly Effective HEPA Filter (H13) – not only filters 99% of air particles, smoke and pollen, but also has anti-virus properties. Thus, we innovatively round off our safety and hygiene concept and ensure particle-free air.

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For competent advice and more information on the subject of CO² sensors, please contact our partner at Jost Electric Services GmbH.