New e-charging stations in the Brucklyn Quartier

In Erlangen’s Brucklyn Quartier, the future is getting rolling: Drivers of electric cars now have two brand-new e-charging columns at their disposal. In a cooperation between Jost Energy AG and ChargePoint, a charging station was installed in the underground parking garage of the apartment building as well as another column in the Quartier parking garage.

The chargers have two Type 2 sockets and transmit up to 22 kW per connection. Depending on the type of vehicle, this means a range of around 60 km per half hour of charging time. At €0.39 / kWh, the price is up to 30% lower than with many other providers. Now that’s an invitation to recharge.

And how does that work in concrete terms?

First of all, you have to be able to plug in. But that's delightfully easy, just like filling up with gas, except that it doesn't drip. And then it's very easy to pay: contactless by debit and credit card, by membership card (RFID) or mobile app.

We are there for you

If – contrary to expectations – there should still be problems with loading or payment, a telephone customer support is of course available. The Brucklyn Quarter wishes you a good trip! And hereby officially grants permission to get in the electric car and go with the flow.

Sharing is Caring

Our service continues to pick up speed: As of now, an AUDI Q3 is available to all Brucklyn tenants as part of a car-sharing offer.​

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