Beyond the office: workspaces of tomorrow

The Brucklyn Quarter in Erlangen takes the concept of the workspace to a new level. “Beyond the office” is not just a buzzword, but a living reality in our coworking space, which is already shaping the workspaces of tomorrow. Here, where innovation and flexibility form the foundation, freelancers, start-ups and established companies discover an environment that goes far beyond the traditional office.

A home for creativity and collaboration

Meetingraum: "Jungle of Ideas"
"Jungle of Ideas": an exotic backdrop. The highlight is the large meeting table with geometric inlays.

The dynamic nature of the modern working world requires spaces that adapt to the changing needs of their users. Brucklyn Coworking responds to this with a versatile range of workspace solutions. Whether for hourly concentration in private offices or for long-term projects in lively coworking areas – everyone will find their place here. Sophisticated design elements promote both productivity and creative development.

Kreativer Besprechungsraum
"Das Amt": In the service of creativity. The conference room for large groups enables workshops and meetings.

Focus on community and networking

Gruppe von Personen im Essensbereich
Brucklyn is home to an international community. From digital nomads to start-ups and established companies.

At the heart of Brucklyn Coworking is the vision of a strong, dynamic community. Here, the value of genuine connections between members is emphasized because we believe that the best ideas come from collaboration and sharing. Our spaces are designed not only to encourage efficient working, but also to promote social cohesion and networking. Whether it’s a spontaneous coffee break or an organized meetup, the Brucklyn Quarter offers the ideal setting to network, initiate joint projects and benefit from the experience of others.

Events that inspire and connect

Veranstaltung auf der Showtreppe
The Siemens IP Conference on our show staircase.

In addition to flexible workspaces, the Brucklyn Quarter is a hub for knowledge exchange and networking. A busy calendar of workshops, seminars and networking events promotes professional and personal development. A special highlight in this context is our show staircase, which offers new perspectives for presentations and lectures. Equipped with a screen, projector and enough space for over 100 people, it transforms into the perfect backdrop for large-scale event cinema. This unique platform not only offers the opportunity to learn new skills, but also to share visionary ideas with like-minded people and discuss them in an extraordinary setting.

Conference technology at its best

Everything in view: All-in-one conference camera with ultra-wide-angle lens

The Brucklyn has state-of-the-art equipment. And offers simple solutions that are available in real time – without having to make your own investments.

  • The Brucklyn provides a digital conferencing system(Jitsi Meet) so that you can keep your distance and hold meetings in several rooms (multi-room) or from any location. The system is provided on site for optimal data protection and can be used directly in the browser or as a mobile app on all common systems.
  • A 4K video conferencing camera provides the right perspective – the clever thing is that it automatically adjusts the camera position and zoom to ensure that the people in the room are always in the right frame.
  • A mobile touchscreen with camera enables topics and ideas to be sketched and shared on a digitized flipchart or whiteboard.

Brucklyn Coworking

The Brucklyn offers space for living New Work. Whether it’s a one-man show or an ambitious team. From a workspace for a few hours to your own office to a virtual company headquarters. Conference and event rooms, parking spaces, projectors and monitors can be booked as required.